Monday, November 23, 2015


SO - it has been quite busy at My Changing Room this Autumn.  Lots of new girls have visited and it is always such fun to do the 'big reveal' for the first time. Of course I don't allow them to see themselves until they are completely made up and dressed.  Then I pick the most appropriate music, adjust the lighting and lead them into the larger studio space.  As they enter they see multiple reflections in large mirrors and the alchemy effervesces!
'Who is that?  Is that me? Her? Me? That is ME? Her? Really???  Wow...'            At this point I often pour a glass of wine and place it beside the largest mirror and allow 15 minutes or so of privacy to take in the new vision.  Whether one is a frequent frocker, ingenue, burgeoning femme fatale, devoted dresser or focused transwoman -this is the seminal moment.
Here is a peak of some recent visits:


I am seeking donations of clothing in excellent condition for TIFFANY'S CLOSET - the resale shop which runs during the First Event Conference in mid-January.  It is an important fund raiser for the TIFFANY CLUB and a valuable resource for all manner of ladies and gents attending the conference. 

I will be creating the pop up shop in the lower level of the Westin Waltham Hotel.  It will be open from WED. Jan. 20 - SAT. Jan. 23.  

We will have several stylists available to help shoppers assemble the perfect outfit.  Ms. Jewels will have her alteration business set up to make all the needed adjustments. 

Tiffany Club is a registered 501 C charity and your donation is fully tax deductible. We will be thrilled to accept donations of clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, lingerie (no panties...please) and wigs.

Please contact me via email:                                                                                                              or phone: 617.529.5055                                                                                                                           to arrange drop off at my Logan Airport area studio -Rt. 1A - or discreet pickup at your preferred location. 

I hope you will consider making a substantial donation which will ensure our success.

 Walk in Wednesday returns!  SO many ladies want to socialize, relax and have a leisurely afternoon en femme so again I will be available most Wednesdays from 11am until 9pm. 
Sometimes I have had a  group - sometimes only one or two for the day with a few pop ins throughout the day.  You can always call to check in and see what is happening on that particular Wednesday.  Saturdays too?  Perhaps . . . Let me know if that is of interest.

 Consider these new additional services - individual wardrobe storage, pick up and delivery, laundry/dry cleaning and mail acceptance. 

 Makeup tutorials have been VERY popular this year.  I create a personalized folder with several charts illustrating the exact steps and products/colors used as well as tips and product suggestions.  Perhaps a new you for the new year?  
GIFT CERTIFICATES Available!  Think about might be fun.

All the best for a sparkling holiday season!!



(If you have received this as an unwanted email - please inform me.)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spreading the Gospel of Makeup - Berklee College of Music

Join us for an intimate look at the history of cosmetics and both the subtle and bold ways it offers the power to transform. Samantha Marder, with over 15 years in the business, will share:
  • a brief overview of evolution of makeup for stage and screen
  • tips for subtle correction & enhancement for stage and photography, using minimal makeup for maximum effects
  • techniques for pure alchemy of makeup, creating transformations for the stage using color, contouring & highlights
  • cosmetic gender bending techniques
Samantha Marder, aka Natasha Savoy, is the creative force behind My Changing Room. While her background is in Cultural Anthropology and social work, she takes more pleasure in the magic of transformations. Natasha has studied makeup with some of today’s top artists; an education which she continues annually to remain current and informed. Natasha is also a visual artist and photographer. She lives in Boston with an understanding husband and two large dogs.